The Nowhere Child by Christian White

Thank you @minotaur_books for an advanced copy!

The Nowhere Child by @christian_white_author is a thriller and was originally released in Australia in 2018 but makes its 2019 debut in the US on January 22nd.

You meet Kim who is a photograph and lost her mom 4 years ago and has a stepdad, a sister and her sisters fiancé and their daughter. But someone comes from America and claims that Kim is Sammy West, who was abducted from her home in Kentucky when she was two years old. You are taken between then and now as Kim pieces together the story herself.

This book is a very fast read and I was hoping for a little more suspense and thrilling nature (The book Verity by Colleen Hoover ruined me). It’s a good book and a good story.

The author references Stephen King as being an inspiration to his writing. That made me scared to read the book and I wanted to put it off but I pushed through and read it. It didn’t give me anxiety like You or Verity gave me. I was left wanting more. The author leaves the book open for a sequel or at least it feels like it. I’d like to know more. I want to know more. Characters could have their past and stories expanded upon.

Especially Stuart and Emma. I wanted more about them and Jack and how he was able to be who he became.

I give it 3.5-4 stars


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