My Favorite 1/2 Night Stand by Christina Lauren: A Review

OMG! How did I only start reading Christina Lauren books? They are the cutest ever!

I loved this book. I jumped on reading this book with some of my new bookstagramer friends who were doing a buddy read on this book. I quickly jumped on netgalley and found the book and got approved and started reading. I read it in one day and 2 weeks before the discussion.

Reid and Millie are the cutest and I really hoped that they would end up together from the first page. I loved the dialogue between all the characters and the chat dialogue. It almost felt like the Big Bang Theory cast all looking for dates using online dating service.

Of course Reid is a normal guy and doesn’t realize that Millie was Catherine. Of course he gets mad at her since almost everyone knew but him. It’s just such a cute book in general.

It kinda reminded me of my husband and mine story. How we started off as friends and then started dating after years of friendship. We actually had about 5 fake dates before we started dating.

I’m now working on reading all the rest of Christina Lauren’s books.

5 stars!!!


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