The Adults by Caroline Hulse: a review

Thank you to random house for the advanced reader’s edition and physical copy of The Adults. 

So what could go seriously wrong with a divorced couple going on a holiday together with their new significant others so they could both spend it with their daughter?


It’s like a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation meets Modern Family rolled into a British Comedy.

Claire and Matt want their daughter Scarlett to have kinda of a normal Christmas. So they plan a vacation with their significant others to give Scarlett that.

Alex, Matt’s girlfriend, wasn’t really on board with it and Patrick, not Pat, was really creepy. Oh and he was obsessed with training for an Ironman.

Scarlett and her imaginary bunny, Posey, watch as the adults try to get along and well they try and make Alex leave.

Then you’re trying to figure out what happened the last night of their vacation. One of them was hit with an arrow and one of the other three are responsible. You will also read in between the chapters interviews of people who were also at the holiday resort to try and piece together what really happened.

It’s a quick read and you figure it out really quick but it’s still very good!

4 out of 5 stars.


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