On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter: a review

Oh my goodness another amazing Denise Hunter book! It’s always sad when an author wraps up a series but like I love that Denise’s series are 3-4 books. You fall in love with the characters and make them your best friends. You can always just reread the series to visit them again.

I’ve had the privilege of being on two of Denise’s launch teams for the Blue Ridge series and it’s a joy to get an early read to a series you love.

I loved Noah and Josephine (read Sweetbriar Cottage if you don’t know them)

I loved Cruz and Zoe (read Blue Ridge Sunrise if you don’t know them)

I loved Brady and Hope (read Honeysuckle Dreams if you don’t know them)

I love Jack and Daisy.

In the background there was always Daisy and Pastor Jack. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their story and where they end up.

Pastor Jack has always had a crush on Daisy but she’s member of his congregation.

Daisy is tired of waiting for Mr. Right so she’s started an online dating profile. Through that she starts talking to “TJ”. Who may just be Pastor Jack although Jack was set up by his friends (Noah, Cruz and Brady) and they nudged Daisy for him.

A tornado sweeps through their town and harms only one home for girls who are in foster care. Through a series of events Daisy is put in charge of helping raise funds to find the house so the girls can move back in. Daisy is also dealing with some repercussions of her decreased dad’s past that she seeks Jack’s help for.

Can Jack finally tell Daisy his true feelings and not hurt her feelings by telling her that he is “TJ”? Can Daisy see past all of her busiest to see that Jack has always been there for her?

You’ll have to travel down Magnolia Lane to find out!

My rating 4 out of 5 stars.


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