Sadie: a review

So Sadie was a very enjoyable experience to listen to. The podcast that is associated with the book is integrated into the audiobook and it was a whole cast instead of just one person. So you hear from Sadie and everyone involved in the podcast. 

I felt as if this book could have been more of an adult than a teen at times because of a few of the themes though most of the teens today do deal with the issues of being made fun of for a stutter, sexual abuse, and abandonment. Allow with murder. 

You really have two questions through the whole story and those are what happen to Mattie? What happen to Sadie? 

You know that Mattie was murdered but you don’t know why or by who. Sadie has disappeared and you know she’s looking for a man from her past that had dated her mom. Someone who she thinks may know what happened to Mattie. 

Sadie would do anything for Mattie even if it’s going to the end of the earth to avenge her death. 

I give Sadie 5 out of 5 stars. 


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