Cross Her Heart: a review

So Cross Her Heart was a Book of the Month choice for me in September and I have Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinbough. I’ve heard really good things about her first book. so I thought the 2nd would be even better.

On Instagram, I found the #scaredsuspensebookclub and that they were reading Cross Her Heart for October. I jumped on the chance to read it and have people to discuss it with.

This book started out so stinking slow! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to finish it. It was almost unbearable. Overprotective mommy and a clueless teenager. In Part 2 it gets better. You find out why Lisa is so paranoid and protective of her daughter Ava. Ava well she’s still annoying.

Someone from Lisa’s past is out to find her and destroy the life she’s created after an interesting childhood. Ava runaways or rather she’s kidnapped and you find yourself tricked into thinking it is someone else rather than the real person who did it.

Then you have Marilyn, the only sane one of the bunch. You have to wonder why is Marilyn in this story but I felt like she kept it all together. She pulled it all together.

Once I hit part 2, I was able to finish this book in a day. I even got up at 6 am to finish it.

But because of that slow start and the annoying Ava I have to give this book a 3.5 stars.


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