I picked up You because I saw the previews for the television show so obviously I was interested. I will admit though it is not my typical type of read. Something recommend by Stephen King would have me running for the hills. Like I do not do horror very well. I had to watch the movie the village during the day. I was forced to watch Signs with the light and the movie It is one of the reason I’m scared of clowns. So this book pushed it a little bit for me.

To be honest, I loved it!

It’s told from Joe’s POV and you really feel like you are the one stalking Beck. You fall in love with Joe and you really like him. I keep telling myself that it was okay to like him because he works in a bookstore. I found Beck the girl he’s stalking to be extremely annoying and thought Joe needed to stop stalking her. She was a total waste of his time.

Joe was sorta like a Christian Grey just without the BDSM and all the money. Like You is a horror based 50 Shades of Grey. That’s my take of it and you can have your own. 🙂

The book is very addictive. On a date night while my husband was at the video game store in the mall, I left him there and made my way to Barnes and Noble, found You and my place in the book and read while I waited for him. What does he do but sneaks up on me and grabs my shoulder. OMG I almost club him because I was so into the book and it was starting to freak me out. I think he did it on purpose because I told him about Joe. To get back at him, I really tried to get him to do a #bookface picture with my copy of you and that didn’t work. Oh well I tried. 🙂

So pick up You if you want something addictive and fast. I just got the sequel Hidden Bodies and I hope that it won’t disappoint me.

4 stars out of 5.



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