#NSFWreads – Gina in the Floating World by Belle Brett

Life sometimes just gets away from you sometimes but I’m back! I have a few books to review here in the next week. 🙂 YAY!!!!!!!

So the first one is part of the #NSFWreads for Booksparks. This is part of their fall line up. The #NSFWreads is not safe for work and shouldn’t be read at work just in case you would get catch with these steamy books.

Thank you to Booksparks for my copy! It is very much appreciated.

So to begin with, this book feels like the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland rolled into one. Dorothy (Dee Dee) isn’t in Kansas anymore and she falls down the rabbit hole of the floating world.

What is the Floating World? Well in Japan is was the world of entertainment or play.

Wait what!?!?!?! World of entertainment and play. Yup if you are thinking it then you’re right.

The book is set in Japan in the 1980s. Dee Dee has come for a bank internship that an ex (her professor) had set up for her. She soon realizes that it is not at all what she expects and learns that if she’s going to survive she’s going to need a job.

Through a few people she meets along the way she meets some helpful people who help her find a job in the floating world. Dee Dee receives a new name of Gina and off she’s thrown into the Floating World working as a hostess.

This book is almost like a travel journal for Dee Dee rather than an erotica. It really doesn’t feel like an erotica book. You also don’t feel like you are in the 1980s. I’m sure the floating world is around today and it’s a lot different than portrayed in this book.

You’ll have to read Gina in the Floating World for yourself to find out more about how her internship goes and about her job as a hostess.

I would give this book a solid 3.5 stars.



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