The Lido by Libby Page: a Review

So everyone needs to read this book like now! The Libo by Libby Page is an amazing book.

It’s all about saving the local Libo (swimming hole). You meet Kate, Rosemary, Jay and many others. All who are trying to save the Libo. Kate is a reporter who writes stories about the Lido. Jay takes the pictures and has a crush Kate. Rosemary has gone to the Lido for over 80 years. She fell in love there and it was a solace for her.

Kate suffers from anxiety. She paints this picture for her family of this life that isn’t her own. How she’s great friends with her flat mates and how life is good. When actually like isn’t the best. She has panic attacks and works hard everyday to function.

This by far is probably the best book I’ve read about someone suffering from anxiety. I personally suffer from anxiety and have for a really long time. I’ve suffered through the panic attacks and the periods of being on edge. It is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I controlled it by overeating and overspending. I’m working on that and it’s gotten worse lately but slowly I’m fighting and working on it. 🙂

This book even though fiction can give a person hope. The first step is to tell someone about your anxiety. It’s not a problem.

Every Kate needs a Rosemary. Rosemary brought Kate out of her shell and gave her hope.

I loved all the intertwining stories of Rosemary and her husband, George and all the other characters.

You find this story is not only about becoming a stronger person but it’s about love, and family and most important of all finding a friend to conquer anything with.

5 Stars.




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