Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


Frankenstein is a beautiful classic novel. I will say that I went into this book with the popular culture Frankenstein in my head. I’ve known all along that the creature was just a creature and that it’s named for Victor Frankenstein. (PS. Isn’t my copy gorgeous)

I listened/sorta read the book. I saw on Litsy someone was listening to it and Dan Stevens was the one reading it. So duh I would buy the audible edition of it.

It’s a beautiful novel and it’s crazy that an 18 year wrote this beauty 200 years. Her name wasn’t even on the 1st edition so many thought that it was her husband poet Percy Shelley who wrote it.

I read Mary’s monster before reading Frankenstein and I saw the themes that were pointed out in Mary’s monster to Frankenstein. Was the creature really the sadness and depression Mary had over losing so many people in her life including children? This book was written from more than just a ghost writing completion at Lord Byron’s House.

(Disclaimer: I will admit that I probably wouldn’t have picked up Frankenstein but since I’m leading a book discussion on it in October I kinda sorta had to read it.)


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