The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang: Review

This book is so steamy! I wanted to read this book since I first saw it on I was so excited when it popped up as a Book of the Month selection. I knew I had to put it in my box. OH MY GOODNESS, I may have only read part of the description or well I didn’t expect the steam.

I love how the author tackled the high functioning autistic people. You meet Stella Lane and she is knows she isn’t normal but she wants to learn how to have a “normal” relationship.  That’s where Michael comes in. He’s only suppose to teach her how to kiss, engage a man in sexual relations and just be in a relationship. Stella knows Michael needs the money and so she hires him. Michael doesn’t know that Stella may be “special”.

I love Michael’s family they are the cutest ever! (I just had to put that in there)

This book is steamy like I said. It’s a very fast read and so good. I know that the author is planning on a sequel but I don’t believe Stella or Michael will be in the story.

Will Michael be able to teach Stella how to be in a relationship? What happens if they fall in love? Will Michael learn the truth?

Rating 4 stars.


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