I’ll be Gone in the Dark: a Review

I chose this book as my book published posthumously for the 2018 Book Riot Challenge. I also really really really wanted to read this book. True Crime is a secret love of mine. I listen to true crime podcast from time to time and have a deep passion to someday research cases on my own. I love the goriness of stories. I know it’s weird and morbid.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark is a product of Michelle McNamara. Sadly she passed away in the middle of writing this book. Her life was consumed by this serial killer and she wanted nothing but bringing him to justice. That justice came shortly after the book was published and you have to wonder why Michelle was never given credit for bringing the case of the Golden State Killer back to life.

This book is 70% case, 20% memoir and 10% of her colleagues finishing her work. It is so good. It has a slow start but slowly it consumes you into the case and even though I read it after the killer was found I found myself rooting for Michelle to figure out who the killer was.

This book and case has brought to light the thing of privacy and how they worked to solve the case is inspiring and scary.

4 out of 5 stars


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