The Book of Essie: a Review

I loved The Book of Essie! I wasn’t very sure if I wanted this book to be apart of my Book of the Month box but Oh My Goodness…I could not stop reading this book!

I read it in about 4 1/2 hours. I couldn’t sleep one night and this book was my comfort.

It is has three people narrating in first person and it takes you beautifully through the story. You meet Essie (Esther), Liberty Bell, and Roarke. They each have a story to tell and you find it so intertwined throughout the story that it is beautiful.

Essie’s family has a reality tv show. The reality tv show really isn’t mentioned as much as the filming of it and her mother being fame hungry. Liberty Bell is trying to make a name for herself and getting over losing her twin sister tragically. Roarke wants to save his family, hardship has caused him to give up his dream and make sure that his parents can stay a float but that also means keeping a secret.

Both Essie and Roarke have secrets. Essie wants to expose them because she wants people to know that her family isn’t the perfect family that they portray themselves as on screen. With the help of Liberty, Essie is able to tell her story in a book but will Essie have the guts to expose those secrets?

It is a story of a journey of redemption, showing bravery and finally finding a home.

The Book of Essie is a must read if you want some thing light and fast. The Book of Essie does tackle sexual abuse, child molestation, homophobia and other issues.

4 out of 5 stars.


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