First impressions by Debra White

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite Jane Austen books. I’ve read so many retellings and have seen most of movies that have been made.

First Impressions though wasn’t was one of the good adaptations. It started off good and then just nose dived from there. The characters were good but the story…was something else.

You meet Eddi and Dave (Elizabeth and Darcy) who are playing Elizabeth and Darcy in a play that is being put together by Dave’s aunt. There are some good points and then others were so hard.

Kitty and Mary were missing from the book. The author only put Jane, Elizabeth and Lydia (Eddi, Jenny and Linda). It was good that way that not too many story lines. I think that was one of the good points. There may have been a couple of things that I felt were made big but the author never finished. Much like the tornado, and all of that that entailed.

I just don’t know about this book. It just didn’t capture my attention towards the end as it did in the beginning. I almost didn’t finish the book.

Rating 3 stars.


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