Hell’s Princess, The mystery of Belle Gunness, butcher of men: a Review

This was my first kindle in motion book. I absolutely loved this! It is gorgeous. I always miss the pictures when you read nonfiction books as a kindle book.

Belle Gunness, where do I start? I live about an hour away from her murder farm and over the years I have heard so much about her. So why read this book about her? Why not? Belle Gunness is one of the most notorious serial killers. She was a black widow spinning her web of deceit.  If her house wouldn’t have burn down she would have gotten away from it but did she die in that fire?

I do know a lot about Belle Gunness but I didn’t know about Ralph Lamphere. I didn’t know that he was tried for her murder. I didn’t know that they made a spectacle of the murder farm. I didn’t know that they were making arrest and inquiries all over the country because people thought they saw Belle Gunness or someone was vaguely familiar to her description.

What was her motive? The insurance money of course. But her death how and why did she do it and did she manipulate everyone into thinking that Ralph Lamphere was guilty and that no one else not even Belle Gunness could do it.

Personally, I think as smart as Belle Gunness was that she got away and tricked everyone.

Great book, loved the kindle in motion and it was some good history.

Rating 4 stars.


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