The Perfect Mother

Wow! I was worried about this book since it was receiving so much press with being picked up to be made into a movie. I never would have guessed what had happened. It was almost like The Wife Between Us where you assume nothing because what you think is not going to be right.

The beginning of the book gets a slow start but once the book gets going you will not be able to put it down.

You meet the May Mothers. A bunch of women who don’t really know each other but by the fact that they all gave birth in May. Everyone has a story and a secret and those are revealed throughout the book. You learn of heartbreak and deception and there are some OMG moments too.

The trouble happens when one night these mothers decide to go out on the town and just let their hair down but something horrible happens and one of their babies is missing. You will watch Collette, Francis and Nell try to piece together what really happened that night and to clear their new found friend’s name.

I can only imagine all of the angst that will need to be tamed from the book to the movie.

Thank you Harper Books and Librarylovefest for my advance copy and to the fact that I am just finishing it now after it’s been out for two weeks is because I didn’t want it to end.

Rating 4 stars


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