Love Letter by Rachel Hauck: a Review

This book is another home run by Rachel Hauck! I loved it from the beginning.

I like how Hauck blends the stories together one from the past and the present together. Hamilton and Esther and Jesse and Chloe just really blend together. The genealogy nerd in me was going crazy over this story line. It is beyond amazing for those history nerds and genealogy nerds.

Jesse has this letter from his ancestor Hamilton that he never sent to his first love Esther. Jesse has a past, a painful one. He chooses not only to write a screenplay about his ancestor but write it in a way may heal his heart. Chloe is the daughter of a famous director and actress, just wanting to find that one true love plus that she can stop being typecasted as the “girl who dies all the time”. They both want a break of a lifetime.

Meanwhile you follow Esther and Hamilton’s story during the Revolutionary War (I love the Hamilton reference) :). You follow through every step of heart ache for Hamilton and Esther from being torn apart not only because of a war but because of being on different sides of the war.

You find yourself rooting for everyone and hoping that they find their way. Will Chloe finally find her true love? Can Jesse heal his heart? Why did Hamilton never send the letter? What happens? You will have to read the book when it comes out on June 12th to find out!

Rating 5 stars


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