Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter: a Review

I have literally read every single Ally Carter book there is to read! With the exception of one that I cannot find anywhere. I love Heist Society and Embassy Row series so much. I knew I would love Not If I Save You First too! I’m not a huge fan of the spy girl series.

In the beginning, you meet 10-year-olds, Logan and Maddie. You soon find out that they are special. Logan is the first son and Maddie is the daughter of the head of the president’s secret service detail. Something happens that tears the two of them apart! Fast forward 6 years, Maddie and Logan are in completely different worlds but as an act to help Logan shape up as his father’s second term is ending the president and first lady send Logan to “grow-up”. That means facing Maddie again.

Maddie has been thrust into the Alaskan wilderness and she has been taught by her dad how to survive. She’s survived 6 years without her best friend, Logan who has never replied to any of her letters she had sent him. She even has a bedazzled hatchet! Seriously who doesn’t want a bedazzled hatchet?!?!?!!? I know I want one now.

Now Logan has shown back up and Maddie really just wants to kill him…for breaking her heart all those years ago and just because it’s Logan but the reason why they were torn apart 6 years ago has come back to tear them apart again and someone may be the sacrificial lamb. You’ll have to read what happens next…Does Maddie cause Logan bodily harm? Or does she save his life?

Rating: 5 stars


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