The Baby Plan: Review

I read this book back in early April after seeing it on a live with William Morrow. OMG. I laughed I cried and I really loved this book.

I absolutely love this book. It’s cute and fun. You will laugh until you can’t laugh anymore. Not only do you have maternity issues but you have tons of family drama. By I mean tons, this books makes my family look normal. 🙂

You meet 3 women who are expecting. You have Nathalie, who is finally expecting after years of trying. You meet her sister, Lyndi, who just falls preggo. Then you meet Sophia, who is in a season of her life where she’s about to become an empty nester.

Each woman deals with jealousy, hurt and joy in some way.  From relationship problems (both romantically and family) to disaster of a gender reveal party, you go through the motions with these ladies. I think I most connected with Nathalie but each of the characters is a joy to get to know. The storylines are relevant to today and entertaining.

It’s a good chik lit book and pulls at the heartstrings.

My rating 4 out of 5.


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