Honeysuckle Dreams by Denise Hunter: Review

I am so blessed to be apart of this book launch!! Denise Hunter is one of my favorite inspirational fiction authors.

Honeysuckle Dreams is the second book in the Blue Ridge Sunrise series. In the first book you meet Brady and in Honeysuckle Dreams you get to know him.

With the death of his ex-wife, Brady is a struggling single dad who is working on making something of himself with his car repair business. Then he receives devastating news: his son may not be his. While his ex-wife’s parents are trying to take his son away, Brady must come up with a plan to keep his son, Sam.

Hope is making a name for herself on the airways with her own radio show. She helps Brady with Sam on the side. As Brady’s fears are becoming more evident that he might lose Sam, Hope steps in to help. As there are twists and turns in their relationship, you watch Brady and Hope become closer.

Brady and Hope’s story feels like real life. They had so much support from their friends and family. You find yourself rooting that they would find each other from the very beginning.

I love stories like Brady and Hope’s. They make you feel good and give you a lift when you are in a possibly funk. Their playful banter and realness to them make them feel like they could be your best friends or you could go to the Rusty Nail and just hang out with them.

I really think you should buy this book and read it. It will make you feel good. You won’t regret it. Like seriously go, now. Link is at the end for you to buy it. I’m sure you could go to your local library also to borrow it or bug your library until they purchase it. 🙂 Also to know more about Zoe and Cole read the first in this series, Blue Ridge Sunrise. 

This book is another slam dunk by Denise Hunter and I can’t wait for the next one!

Honeysuckle Dreams goes on sale May 1st and you can pre-order it here.

My rating: 5 stars


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