Other People’s Houses: Review

Other People’s Houses by Abbi Waxman

You can purchase it anywhere today! (Amazon)

This was one of my March picks for Book of the Month. I absolutely loved it! I was a little leery when I picked it as my pick because my Book of the Month reading buddy had already picked the one that I was going to pick. It had a Big Little Lies feel but not really, and maybe little desperate housewives threw in there.

You meet Frances, her husband Micheal and their children. Anne and Charlie and their son and daughter. Iris and Sara and their son Wyatt. Bill and his son Lucas. You learn pretty quickly that Frances takes care of everyone else instead of herself and tries to make everyone happy.

I love how you see into everyone’s home and it’s just not from Frances’ point-of-view. You have anything and everything in this book. You have alcoholism, marriage, cheating, teenage angst, puberty, and generally everything.

You learn the dynamics of the neighborhood and how everyone has secrets. Each one has a different way of covering them up but their secrets do eventually come out. Everyone has to heal from the fallout or at least compromise.

It comes down to:

Frances wants acceptance.

Iris wants another baby.

Bill wants his wife to come home.

Anne wants her family back.

I completely fell in love with Frances and how she was trying to keep everything together for everyone. I know that feeling and felt that she could be my BFF. I not only could imagine how Frances felt, but I could completely relate to her! I would love to live in the same neighborhood as Frances.

I am a little sad that some storylines did go on undeveloped and left you wondering, but some of the storylines did get checkmarks has the book went that I thought were going to be left out. I am happy that this book made me laugh. I really needed that.

My rating: 4 stars


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