I Have Lost My Way: Review

I claimed this book with my Bookishfirst points. I so glad that I did. I did have a lot of reservations about this book since I had heard a lot about the book already and wasn’t too sure. I also had never read a Gayle Forman book either. So on a whim, I claimed the book.

All I can say is wow. If I think the book is going to have an emotional ending, I don’t want it to end. The book read fast and so I kept putting off reading it. I love the story within the story or should I say the stories within the story. I thought there could have been more meat and the altogether story.

You have Freya , who has lost her voice; Harun, who lost his love; Nathaniel, who lost his home. A freak accident brings all three of them together and as they are trying to find their way through this life. They become fast friends or each other’s “person”. All three hold their secrets to themselves because what would a book character be without secrets.

There are revelations, there is courage, there is acceptance, there is friendship, there is love.

You’ll have to read the book to find out if they all find their way.

My rating: 4 stars


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