Orphan Monster Spy: Review

I always enter Goodreads giveaway and never really expect to win but I actually won one! It was so exciting!!

I entered for this one on a whim. It kept popping up in my Goodreads feed and looked good.

It was good. In the inside cover the describe it as “Mean Girls for Nazis and Inglorious Basterds for teens”. It is just that. It’s set in 1939 right as World War II is starting and you meet Sarah.

One problem Sarah is a Jew and trying to flee. Another thing about Sarah. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. The superior race. As she’s fleeing for her life she meets the Captain.

He turns her from an orphan to a spy. He teaches her his ways and gives her a mission. Find out information about the “grapefruit bomb”. First she has to go to a private school full of Nazi girls. Enter mean girls themes. She works her way through the channels while befriending the people who wants to kill her if they knew her secret.

Does Sarah complete her mission? Does she and the Captain survive? Do they find the grapefruit bomb?

My rating: 4 stars


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