We Are Gathered Here: review

I’ve read some pretty intense and books that were on the fence of me liking them to need a break to just read some fluff.

I stumbled upon We Are Gathered Here on a Wednesday night that I was working at the library. I’ve read about six of Erynn Mangum’s books so I knew that they would be light and fun and fast reading. I love all four little novellas but at the end of each one, I craved for more. I think that each novella can be developed into more of a story. I felt almost let down by this book in a way.

I gave this book a four-star rating on Goodreads because I liked the fluff. My guilty pleasure is fluff and if I can sneak in a book of fluff every so often it is all good.

My favorite novella was the last one. I loved Justin and Lexi. I really want to know more about their story and if they worked out. That one was the biggest let down because I was more. I craved more.

I do though recommend reading this in its original form of the ebook. Erynn Mangum’s books are self-pubs in their book form. I had trouble at times with how small the print was.




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