Is being a bookworm a gene?


My family isn’t big on reading so how did I become such a bookworm? My dad blames it on reading to me all the time as a child. He’s actually recommended to people who he sees buying books at auctions (he’s an auctioneer) to be careful because they may create a book monster if they read to their child too much.

Maybe I am a bookworm because I’m the youngest of four. Being the youngest in my family made me an only child though. My siblings were all in their teens by the time I came along. My books gave me a window into a world with kids to play with and what it would look like if I did have siblings close in age.

Maybe I am a bookworm because my mom got sick when I was 10 years old. My mom has coronary heart disease. Books were a way and continue to be a way for me to forget about my mom being sick and even though she’s doing well even after having a stroke recently books give me that escape.

Maybe I am a bookworm because I don’t like watching TV much anymore. My husband is a gamer (I’ve been looking into support groups for gamer’s wives) and so when he’s gaming and I don’t want to watch Netflix or Hulu, I read.

Maybe I am a bookworm because I love libraries. I’m a certified librarian with my master’s in Library and Information Science. I’ve always gone to the library and have had my own library card since I could have one.

I’ve become the librarian of my family finding books that I think both my parents would like. In a way, my dad is a bookworm like me but he reads in spurts.

If anything I hope and pray my future children become bookworms.


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