Cross Her Heart: a review

So Cross Her Heart was a Book of the Month choice for me in September and I have Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinbough. I’ve heard really good things about her first book. so I thought the 2nd would be even better.

On Instagram, I found the #scaredsuspensebookclub and that they were reading Cross Her Heart for October. I jumped on the chance to read it and have people to discuss it with.

This book started out so stinking slow! I didn’t know if I was going to be able to finish it. It was almost unbearable. Overprotective mommy and a clueless teenager. In Part 2 it gets better. You find out why Lisa is so paranoid and protective of her daughter Ava. Ava well she’s still annoying.

Someone from Lisa’s past is out to find her and destroy the life she’s created after an interesting childhood. Ava runaways or rather she’s kidnapped and you find yourself tricked into thinking it is someone else rather than the real person who did it.

Then you have Marilyn, the only sane one of the bunch. You have to wonder why is Marilyn in this story but I felt like she kept it all together. She pulled it all together.

Once I hit part 2, I was able to finish this book in a day. I even got up at 6 am to finish it.

But because of that slow start and the annoying Ava I have to give this book a 3.5 stars.



I picked up You because I saw the previews for the television show so obviously I was interested. I will admit though it is not my typical type of read. Something recommend by Stephen King would have me running for the hills. Like I do not do horror very well. I had to watch the movie the village during the day. I was forced to watch Signs with the light and the movie It is one of the reason I’m scared of clowns. So this book pushed it a little bit for me.

To be honest, I loved it!

It’s told from Joe’s POV and you really feel like you are the one stalking Beck. You fall in love with Joe and you really like him. I keep telling myself that it was okay to like him because he works in a bookstore. I found Beck the girl he’s stalking to be extremely annoying and thought Joe needed to stop stalking her. She was a total waste of his time.

Joe was sorta like a Christian Grey just without the BDSM and all the money. Like You is a horror based 50 Shades of Grey. That’s my take of it and you can have your own. 🙂

The book is very addictive. On a date night while my husband was at the video game store in the mall, I left him there and made my way to Barnes and Noble, found You and my place in the book and read while I waited for him. What does he do but sneaks up on me and grabs my shoulder. OMG I almost club him because I was so into the book and it was starting to freak me out. I think he did it on purpose because I told him about Joe. To get back at him, I really tried to get him to do a #bookface picture with my copy of you and that didn’t work. Oh well I tried. 🙂

So pick up You if you want something addictive and fast. I just got the sequel Hidden Bodies and I hope that it won’t disappoint me.

4 stars out of 5.


An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena: a review

An Unwanted Guest is another great book by Shari Lapena! She may be the reason why I actually started reading thriller/suspense novels. I’ve read so many since reading The Couple Next Door

You are keep guessing through the whole book of who the unwanted guest may have been. You meet an old married couple who well just the wife are trying to keep their marriage together, an engaged couple, a couple who are dating, a lawyer on a weekend getaway, an author trying to write a novel, two best friends and the son and father who run the inn. There is a snow storm that strands everyone there and then things start to happen. 4 are dead and you have no idea who the killer may be. You think that there is someone extra there at the inn with them or at least you may be lead to think that.

Each time I thought I had it all figured out Shari Lapena throws a curve ball at you and leaves you to start over. Maybe you can figure it all out but I sure was startled to learn the truth because I wasn’t expecting it!

Like all other Lapena books you are left wanting more and trying to figure out what she has not concluded for you.

My one question was what was Gwen’s story? We never learned her story.

4 stars out of 5.

#NSFWreads – Gina in the Floating World by Belle Brett

Life sometimes just gets away from you sometimes but I’m back! I have a few books to review here in the next week. 🙂 YAY!!!!!!!

So the first one is part of the #NSFWreads for Booksparks. This is part of their fall line up. The #NSFWreads is not safe for work and shouldn’t be read at work just in case you would get catch with these steamy books.

Thank you to Booksparks for my copy! It is very much appreciated.

So to begin with, this book feels like the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland rolled into one. Dorothy (Dee Dee) isn’t in Kansas anymore and she falls down the rabbit hole of the floating world.

What is the Floating World? Well in Japan is was the world of entertainment or play.

Wait what!?!?!?! World of entertainment and play. Yup if you are thinking it then you’re right.

The book is set in Japan in the 1980s. Dee Dee has come for a bank internship that an ex (her professor) had set up for her. She soon realizes that it is not at all what she expects and learns that if she’s going to survive she’s going to need a job.

Through a few people she meets along the way she meets some helpful people who help her find a job in the floating world. Dee Dee receives a new name of Gina and off she’s thrown into the Floating World working as a hostess.

This book is almost like a travel journal for Dee Dee rather than an erotica. It really doesn’t feel like an erotica book. You also don’t feel like you are in the 1980s. I’m sure the floating world is around today and it’s a lot different than portrayed in this book.

You’ll have to read Gina in the Floating World for yourself to find out more about how her internship goes and about her job as a hostess.

I would give this book a solid 3.5 stars.


Drinking from the Trough by Mary Carlson: a review

Thanks Booksparks for the copy of this book.

I must admit I didn’t read what this book was about. I gave it a try. I was so sad throughout the whole book. It’s a memoir/short stories about the authors life, her pets and so on.

I really tried to like it. It seemed that a-lot of the chapters ended with death. That’s really hard to read in a book. It’s extremely hard when it’s animals.

I have fur babies and it’s hard to read about how the author being a veterinarian that she would put her own animals down. Sure she shared some fun stories about her animals. The theme of death loomed around.

I think the book would have seemed better if it wasn’t presented as a memoir but as a collection of short stories.

2.5 stars.

Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey: a review

~Sarah is the unexpected kidnapper.

~Amy is the struggling mother.

~Emma is the little girl with the red bow and shoes.

What would you do if you saw a child in need of help?

  • That’s the question that Sarah asked herself.

Do I really want my child back?

  • That’s the question that Amy asked herself.

I loved how the book went back and forth from between Sarah and Amy. Then it also went back and forth between before, after and now. It gives you the really good idea of what lead up to the kidnapping and how the characters made the decisions that they made.

You are on the edge of your seat the whole time and you wonder if Sarah is going to get caught or if she will actually get away with it.

You wonder what Amy is really going through and if she really wants Emma back or if just her husband does.

Somethings that I thought were left undeveloped was Sarah’s mom and childhood. You get a little peek at it through the book but you really don’t know!

I would love a sequel!

5 out of 5 stars!



The Other Woman by Sandie Jones: a review



Emily loves Adam but Adam loves his mom Pammie too. Pammie loves Adam a little more than Emily does.

The Other Woman by Sandie Jones is a very fast read and you feel like a twist is coming though the whole book.

Pammie does everything in her power to ruin Emily and Adam’s relationship. She hates Emily to the bone. After they become engaged Pammie gets worse.

You’ll want to read this as fast as you can. You want to know if Pammie gets worse as time goes or if she can break up Emily and Adam before they wall down the isle. Soon you won’t know what is real and what Pammie may be faking.

Emily tries and it almost makes her lose her mind.

There is a surprise twist at the end that even though you know a twist is coming you don’t even know or expect it to come your way.

4 out of 5 stars.

The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory: A Review


This is another home run by Jasmine Guillory! I loved the Wedding Date and I equally love The Proposal.

Carlos is back and you meet Nikole. Who apart of a publicity stunt and left to deal with the humiliation that is left behind. Carlos came to the rescue and swept Nikole off her feet.

It’s a super cute story and Drew and Alexa make an appearance.

There are so many food references and I really get the vibe that Jasmine loves food.

This book comes out September 4!

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an advance copy.

4 star out of 5.

The Lido by Libby Page: a Review

So everyone needs to read this book like now! The Libo by Libby Page is an amazing book.

It’s all about saving the local Libo (swimming hole). You meet Kate, Rosemary, Jay and many others. All who are trying to save the Libo. Kate is a reporter who writes stories about the Lido. Jay takes the pictures and has a crush Kate. Rosemary has gone to the Lido for over 80 years. She fell in love there and it was a solace for her.

Kate suffers from anxiety. She paints this picture for her family of this life that isn’t her own. How she’s great friends with her flat mates and how life is good. When actually like isn’t the best. She has panic attacks and works hard everyday to function.

This by far is probably the best book I’ve read about someone suffering from anxiety. I personally suffer from anxiety and have for a really long time. I’ve suffered through the panic attacks and the periods of being on edge. It is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I controlled it by overeating and overspending. I’m working on that and it’s gotten worse lately but slowly I’m fighting and working on it. 🙂

This book even though fiction can give a person hope. The first step is to tell someone about your anxiety. It’s not a problem.

Every Kate needs a Rosemary. Rosemary brought Kate out of her shell and gave her hope.

I loved all the intertwining stories of Rosemary and her husband, George and all the other characters.

You find this story is not only about becoming a stronger person but it’s about love, and family and most important of all finding a friend to conquer anything with.

5 Stars.



Crazy Rich Asians Series: A Review

I’ve been seeing the hype of this book for awhile now and really didn’t just want to jump and read it. After a lot of contemplation, I mean a lot. I caved and purchased this book. Oh my goodness. So good!

But…I also read the other two books.

I love the characters but the stories could have been better in the 2nd and 3rd books.

I really could have done without reading them and just reading the 1st book.

I love Rachel and Nicholas and Astrid and Colin. There was a little bit too many characters to try and keep up with.

I give the 1st book 4 stars and the two 3 stars.