The Proposal by Jasmine Guillory: A Review


This is another home run by Jasmine Guillory! I loved the Wedding Date and I equally love The Proposal.

Carlos is back and you meet Nikole. Who apart of a publicity stunt and left to deal with the humiliation that is left behind. Carlos came to the rescue and swept Nikole off her feet.

It’s a super cute story and Drew and Alexa make an appearance.

There are so many food references and I really get the vibe that Jasmine loves food.

This book comes out September 4!

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for an advance copy.

4 star out of 5.


The Lido by Libby Page: a Review

So everyone needs to read this book like now! The Libo by Libby Page is an amazing book.

It’s all about saving the local Libo (swimming hole). You meet Kate, Rosemary, Jay and many others. All who are trying to save the Libo. Kate is a reporter who writes stories about the Lido. Jay takes the pictures and has a crush Kate. Rosemary has gone to the Lido for over 80 years. She fell in love there and it was a solace for her.

Kate suffers from anxiety. She paints this picture for her family of this life that isn’t her own. How she’s great friends with her flat mates and how life is good. When actually like isn’t the best. She has panic attacks and works hard everyday to function.

This by far is probably the best book I’ve read about someone suffering from anxiety. I personally suffer from anxiety and have for a really long time. I’ve suffered through the panic attacks and the periods of being on edge. It is something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I controlled it by overeating and overspending. I’m working on that and it’s gotten worse lately but slowly I’m fighting and working on it. 🙂

This book even though fiction can give a person hope. The first step is to tell someone about your anxiety. It’s not a problem.

Every Kate needs a Rosemary. Rosemary brought Kate out of her shell and gave her hope.

I loved all the intertwining stories of Rosemary and her husband, George and all the other characters.

You find this story is not only about becoming a stronger person but it’s about love, and family and most important of all finding a friend to conquer anything with.

5 Stars.



Crazy Rich Asians Series: A Review

I’ve been seeing the hype of this book for awhile now and really didn’t just want to jump and read it. After a lot of contemplation, I mean a lot. I caved and purchased this book. Oh my goodness. So good!

But…I also read the other two books.

I love the characters but the stories could have been better in the 2nd and 3rd books.

I really could have done without reading them and just reading the 1st book.

I love Rachel and Nicholas and Astrid and Colin. There was a little bit too many characters to try and keep up with.

I give the 1st book 4 stars and the two 3 stars.

The Life Lucy Knew by Karma Brown

So I randomly picked this book up at my local library and it looked really good.

It was not quite like 50 First Dates but more like the Vow.

Lucy wakes up from falling on ice. She wakes up in the hospital after being in a coma.

She wakes up wanting Daniel. What she’s confused about is why she is with Matt. Daniel is her husband. Or so she thought.

Lucy has conjured up memories and thoughts of how she thought her life was. She is trying hard to remember her life before she hit her head.

I felt extremely bad for Lucy’s boyfriend, Matt. Even though she couldn’t remember she treated him like crap. She deceived him and lied to him all while he was going through the same things as he was. Changing his life just for her. I really wish that the author would have had a couple of chapters or had a couple different point of views including Matt’s.

Lucy could be annoying at times and I just wanted to yell at her. Her family were a couple of jerks not helping her with her memories and lying to her. So I can really see how much she was a jerk.

The book was very too the point and a very fast read. The situation really could have happened.

I’d give it 3.5 stars.

Educated by Tara Westover: A Review


This book has been on my book radar ever since it came out! I just now got around to reading it. I checked it from the library a couple times and figured I would read it. At last each time it needed to go back I hadn’t read it.

I recently got an audible free trial. I do that when it resets itself for the year. 🙂 I not only got one credit but I received two credits. So a lot with Little Women, I chose Educated for my other credit. Boy, was I really missing out with this book.

Tara Westover is an overcomer and a survivor. I cannot understand how a family could do that to her. I do like the disclaimer in the front of the book that it is not about religion but it is her story.

I’m so fascinated by the mormon faith and how it has so many facets to it. If I knew that was part of it, I probably would have devoured this book a lot sooner. I guess the survivalist mormons are something I’m going to have to research. I really need to start reading descriptions of books and not just small reviews and looking at the cover.

Although it is not about religion but you watch Tara grow up and fight her way to make something of herself and something for her. I loved her brother Tyler and how he fought for something more and encouraged Tara to do the same.

I struggled a little bit after I found out how old Tara was. She is just a couple months older than I am and what she overcame in 31 years is amazing. I wondered how could like happen to someone that’s my age. I can’t imagine growing up with a father who didn’t trust the government and was prepping for the last days and a mother who would make you a serum to “fix it or heal” you. Also I couldn’t imagine not being able to be educated and having to fight for that right. Also, I really wonder if she ever figured out when her real birthdate is. 🙂

My rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Putney: a Review

I was a Goodreads winner with this book!

This was one of those pull you in by the cover books and I didn’t really read the description of the book. Who doesn’t like a strawberry on the cover of the book?

I wasn’t really appalled by the book and its subject matter. I thought that it was going to be more like All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood which was a book that I completely loved! I got me through one of the worse and most stressful plane rides I had ever experienced.

So in Putney by Sofka Zinovieff is out August 21st! Like I said I really hadn’t read the description and had a rough idea about what it was about but it ended up not being what I thought it was going to be but that’s a good thing. This book was a semi-fast read and super good.

You meet Ralph the predator, Daphne the victim, and Jane the witness. By the end of the book you will really not like Jane or at least I really ended up not like Jane. It’s everyone’s opinion that matters most.

Ralph met Daphne when she was nine years old and started to “groom” her and by the time she was in her teens had developed an unhealthy relationship. The book goes back and forth over a 40 year span and it told from 3 points of view.

I took this book with me everywhere because I would try to find time and places to read this wonderful book and it got wet and bent and all sorts of things but it is just that good. In a time where there is the #metoo movement and other awareness of sexual abuse this book will pull you in. You will get angry and cry and try to figure out how to handle this book.

I give this 4.5 stars!

Untamed Cowboy by Maisey Yates: a review

Thanks to Booksparks for this copy!

Maisey Yates is becoming one of my favorite authors to read when I need a break from the heavy stuff!

You meet Bennett and Kaylee who are best friends and even business partners. Kaylee has been pining over Bennett for years but Bennett really never has thought of Kaylee as more than a friend and business partner.

Enter Dallas…Bennett’s teenage son that he never knew existed since his girlfriend had told him she had a miscarriage.

Dallas coming into Bennett’s life pushes him and Kaylee closer than ever.

Will Dallas learn to trust Bennett? Can Kaylee and Bennett have a more than friends relationship and not disrupt anything?

You most certainly need to read it to find out!

4 out of 5 stars.

Girl with a Gun: review

Thank you to Booksparks for this advance copy!

You have to love a good old western, mystery and all out good book.

You meet Anne Mosey who is 15 and the sole provider for her family. She is in a sharp shooting competition for $200 if she can beat the great Frank Butler. Everyone is so impressed with her shooting skills that she is offer a spot in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show as Annie Oakley.

It’s nice to see in this book that even though it’s a fictional book about Annie Oakley that the author uses real names and places and gives some historical hmph to it.

It would have been nice to have more characterization with the characters and they not seem so quick. Very fun read!

3.5 out of 5 stars

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley


Frankenstein is a beautiful classic novel. I will say that I went into this book with the popular culture Frankenstein in my head. I’ve known all along that the creature was just a creature and that it’s named for Victor Frankenstein. (PS. Isn’t my copy gorgeous)

I listened/sorta read the book. I saw on Litsy someone was listening to it and Dan Stevens was the one reading it. So duh I would buy the audible edition of it.

It’s a beautiful novel and it’s crazy that an 18 year wrote this beauty 200 years. Her name wasn’t even on the 1st edition so many thought that it was her husband poet Percy Shelley who wrote it.

I read Mary’s monster before reading Frankenstein and I saw the themes that were pointed out in Mary’s monster to Frankenstein. Was the creature really the sadness and depression Mary had over losing so many people in her life including children? This book was written from more than just a ghost writing completion at Lord Byron’s House.

(Disclaimer: I will admit that I probably wouldn’t have picked up Frankenstein but since I’m leading a book discussion on it in October I kinda sorta had to read it.)

A Rebel Heart by Beth White: A Review


The book began with a bang, or a train wreck and you wonder how this is all tied together, and what a journey you are about to begin as you page turn.

This book is a fast read. Although it was a bit hard for me to get into.

Come and journey back in time to a rebirth, and changing times, along with a bit of romance, and when it ends it will linger with you.

Book 2 is teased at the end.

I give this 4 out of 5 stars.